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The phrase "Is Facebook shutting down" was the 14th most searched for on Google Saturday and the 10th most as of Sunday morning.
At another Florida reactor, this one in Citrus County, a Triennial Fire Protection Baseline Inspection in July 2002 discovered, according to a "Briefing Summary," that not only did the Crystal River plant use "a significant number of local manual actions" instead of automatic shutdown, but that the plant's fire plan neglected to give adequate consideration to some of the practical difficulties of shutting a nuclear power plant down by hand.
To become more productive, Midwest mills are shutting down old machines, streamlining their existing operations, and looking to invest in new technologies.
Recently, many foundries discovered that they can dramatically reduce cupola downtime by using higher quality refractories and making dimensional adjustments "on the run." By shutting down the cupola only for short periods of time on a weekly basis, foundries can still ensure consistent performance and minimize risk of premature failure while "getting more" out of their cupolas.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court Monday constituted a full bench to hear pleas seeking directions to restrain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan from shutting down Islamabad on November 2.
He said the sitin in Islamabad will also continue along with the shutting down of cities individually.
The solution, of course, is to remember to shut the circuit card basket door before shutting the LCU panel.
Apparently, not giving Windows Me a couple of seconds before you hit the Shut Down box, can result in Me shutting down before everything is closed and saved.
AOL UK has announced a date for shutting down its Netscape Online ISP.
Falconbridge is shutting down its Sudbury smelter for nine weeks this summer because the nickel company cannot find enough feed to keep it operating at high capacity.
The antibiotics kill bacteria by latching onto their protein-making factories, called ribosomes, and shutting them down.