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On Facebook itself, groups like "Against shutting down Facebook on 15th of March" popped up with the slogan "No Facebook, No Party".
To become more productive, Midwest mills are shutting down old machines, streamlining their existing operations, and looking to invest in new technologies.
He argues the environmental impact statement contains insufficient economic -- cost estimates for shutting down boating and fishing in the test area -- for the Secretary of Defense ever to responsibly determine when it pays to use the Chesapeake Bay as a fallback.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court Monday constituted a full bench to hear pleas seeking directions to restrain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan from shutting down Islamabad on November 2.
Shutting down the DHS could mean financing for programs for homeland programs, for local terrorism threats, and even natural disasters, would be closed until the passing of a new budget resolution.
It also said that shutting down work for that period could cost up to $100 million and push the opening of the busway - scheduled for 2005 - back two years.
One smoke unit spent 1 1/2 days figuring out why their generator was shutting down before they discovered the supply line had worked loose.
AOL UK has announced a date for shutting down its Netscape Online ISP.
Falconbridge is shutting down its Sudbury smelter for nine weeks this summer because the nickel company cannot find enough feed to keep it operating at high capacity.