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So, the only part of the government that is in danger of shutting down is the DHS, and again something like 85-90% of it is considered essential, and will not shut down at all.
The Bolu Municipality released a statement on Thursday regarding shutting down the newspaper saying that certain official paperwork was missing in the case so they followed up with the procedure required by law.
We didn't get the memo about shutting down, so we'll keep working away.
Tokyo Electric said it began shutting down the reactor manually at 1 p.
That means you need to cool down the turbocharger before shutting down the engine.
In the Midwest, owners are shutting down older, inefficient paper machines.
Apparently, not giving Windows Me a couple of seconds before you hit the Shut Down box, can result in Me shutting down before everything is closed and saved.
If the worker should fall onto the conveyor, a signal from the Tag Belt will be received by the Detector Loop, automatically shutting down the conveyor and baler.
Research company Webmergers has reported that the number of Internet businesses shutting down or going bankrupt is the lowest for a year and a half.
government is prosecuting a rave promoter and a concert hall manager under a federal law aimed at shutting down crack houses.
NYSE: GP) today announced that the company will curtail production of linerboard by temporarily shutting down its Monticello, Miss.