shy away from

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He called on EU representatives "not to shy away from criticism" on the lack of rule of law and human rights violations in Russia.
Airbus EADS co-CEO and Airbus CEO Louis Gallois did not shy away from the program's difficulties in his remarks yesterday at a Toulouse ceremony.
For those academics who pooh-pooh anything that appears to be of the "self-help" variety, this book may not rise to their level of "scholarship." However, academicians, therapists, and helpers who are looking for an easily readable, well documented book that does not shy away from all the issues confronting women who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, should recommend this to their students, clients, and friends.
He adds: "I've never been one to shy away from the all-weather because it seems illogical to train on the surface yet be frightened to race on it.
They don't shy away from presenting anything to their students."
Written in a no-nonsense, down-to-earth style, Getting Rich in Your Underwear also warns prospective entrepreneurs of all-too-common scams--such as the Internet scam of someone claiming trademark ownership of a word or expression and asking an entrepreneur to pay a royalty to use or license the expression (this isn't how trademarks work and is referred to as 'naked licensing', which can be grounds for the cancellation of a trademark!) Though highly readable, Getting Rich In Your Underwear does not shy away from details or mathematics, and offers sample calculations and forms to get the reader acquainted with necessary accounting matters.
While the rest of the world has begun to shy away from television, Latin America pays no mind.
Although the temporal lobe surgery is a standard option for people in whom epilepsy seizures aren't prevented by drugs, many people shy away from it.
If we want the next generation to make wise choices and treat the Earth and its creatures better than this and past generations, then we must never shy away from telling them the truth: Real environmentalists don't eat animals.
She doesn't shy away from the debate surrounding Walker's contentious imagery.
Finkel's treatment is especially sensitive to the maturity level of her readership, but she doesn't shy away from the realities at hand.
Why does our industry as a whole shy away from new technologies, processes and services?