shy away from

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Once word gets around that going to the doctor can mean going to jail, some pregnant women will shy away from important prenatal care.
These "climate-checkers" will weigh in on whether a company should take a risk or shy away from it.
But both Rosen and the Manifesta women shy away from suggesting that it's time for a shift in emphasis.
KEVIN PIETERSEN hit back at critics who questioned his claims of tiredness by declaring: "I will never shy away from anything.
So while it's not surprising that screenwriter David Vernon and director George Bamber shy away from a particularly faithful adaptation, it's a pleasant surprise that this romantic comedy works as well as it does.
This is a unique transaction for us in that we generally shy away from offshore destination-oriented investments.
Osud does not shy away from depicting the inhumanity and brutality of Nazi genocide, yet it is also a novel about the ability to find and celebrate love amid atrocity beyond description.
She doesn't shy away from complexities, even moral ones, and her thoughtful characters, adults and teenagers, work through the difficulties in their lives as well as they are able; the solutions to their problems are not easily resolved.
Although some people shy away from the care they think a yard full of blooms, evergreens, and wild grasses requires, Primeau reports that she and her husband have more leisure time since they turned away from time-consuming mowing, seeding, and fertilizing.
The bottom line for optimum health--if very fresh produce isn't available, don't shy away from frozen or canned.