shy of

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When you can look round a roomful of people and think that each one is a mere child in intellect compared with yourself you feel no more shy of them than you would of a select company of magpies or orang-outangs.
Carey had thought much how she should treat him; she was anxious to do her duty; but now he was there she found herself just as shy of him as he was of her.
I think in those days we were a little shy of our emotions, and the fear of ridicule tempered the more obvious forms of pretentiousness.
The inconvenience grew intolerable, and though she was now of a retiring habit, and shy of women, she went up to Wickham Place.
So I discovered next day when I attempted to buy David's outfit, and found myself as shy of entering the shop as any Mary at the pawnbroker's.
Actress Amy Adams's three-year-old daughter Aviana was shy of interacting with her Man of Steel co-star Henry Cavill but his costume helped her open up.
Summary: There is little doubt that a multiyear top is in place just shy of 1.
Kaczor is only nine digs shy of 200, but it is her pursuit of Jennifer (Kessy) Boss' single-season kill record that has garnered plenty of attention in recent weeks.
The wife of ex-Tory MP Neil Hamilton has never been shy of admitting she likes a drink or three.
During the summer of 1966, a month shy of my sixteenth birthday, I started my first gig as a junior counselor.
Montgomery figures to have at least five starts remaining, and he's three wins shy of Hart's sophomore record of eight wins, shared by Jamie Shields and Keith Halcovich.
Cox has started 77 games in four-plus years as a Titan, scoring 21 goals with 17 assists - one shy of Dolores Browning's program assist record.