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Destaca en esta pelicula el trabajo de la pequena actriz Lindsay Lohan, quien desempena los dos roles de las hermanas, dirigida por la novel realizadora Nancy Meyer, quien conto en la produccion con el veterano escritor y productor Charles Shyer, nominado al Oscar por filmes como "Private Benjamin", "Baby Boom" y "Irreconcilable Differences".
Shyer, but cuter, are two golden lion tamarins, Brazilian monkeys who survive in tbe wild only in two isolated preserves in Rio de Janeiro State.
We know our customers, their likes and wants and we believe that Cilea Lash is a product that will touch a cord with many of them," said James Shyer, Zyloware's chief operating officer.
Niamh added: "Karen is the shyer of us, but I'm the weirdo that contacted her out of the blue and asked her to meet me in another part of the country, so she might have been more reserved than normal.
Except for with kids, they are usually shyer than me so I don't feel so bad," she posted.
Right-on in terms of style," agreed guest taster Kirby Shyer of MBD.
But there is a much shyer quality to me that people don't usually see.
A mixed classroom means the shyer boys and girls will not speak up and be left behind.
Anne (Portman) and sister Mary (Scarlett) compete for the attentions of King Henry VIII (Bana) - but when he chooses the shyer Mary as his mistress, the older, prettier sister goes all-out to snare him and ultimately become queen.
A variety of hats and wigs were also on display, while some shyer participants chose to cover their modesty in skimpy underwear.
This week in yet another government study - well, it justifies their existence I suppose - teachers are advised to stop primary school children putting up their hands to answer questions because the shyer pupils might get left out.
Director Shyer, who co-wrote the screenplay with Elaine Pope, doesn't shy away from the original's dark themes.