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1976 was the same year she met Shyer and they became partners.
Naseem cajoles the younger, shyer local community members to get on their bikes and roller skates, into canoes and kayaks or to get their football boots on ready to run around a muddy field.
Vincent loves to curl up to people and Marg, the shyer of the couple, loves to snuggle up with her man.
Anne (Portman) and sister Mary (Scarlett) compete for the attentions of King Henry VIII (Bana) - but when he chooses the shyer Mary as his mistress, the older, prettier sister goes all-out to snare him and ultimately become queen.
A variety of hats and wigs were also on display, while some shyer participants chose to cover their modesty in skimpy underwear.
Find a Friend event which aims to get older people together, who are perhaps a little shyer, to make new friends, have a chat and feel less isolated.
His mum Phyllis, of Yarm, said: "Will used to be a bit shyer, but his job in the pub has really helped to bring him out of his shell a lot more.
b) You're even shyer than he is, so you just stare at your fries.
They tend to be shyer and less confident of their ability to learn.
MIDDLESBROUGH are shyer in front of goal than a vicar facing a mistletoe-toting Jordan in a G-string.
The trailer, equipped with a draft beer system that keeps the brew at the proper temperature and pressure for pouring, is part of the plan to rejuvenate Bass, says Labatt USA's draught infrastructure development manager Kirby Shyer, who developed the Bassmobile.
Clijsters is shyer and more astute on court but, with age, has become almost as strong.