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Almost 13 years ago to the day, a young Prince Harry peered out from under a commander's helmet, smiling shyly aboard a Scimitar tank in Army working fatigues as he embarked on his first formal public engagement.
Seated in a wheelchair, wearing a cap and gown, 102-year-old Florence Carnaggio smiled shyly after receiving her diploma from Principal Curtis Turner of Seton Keough High School in Baltimore.
This time, after she was made a Dame by the Prince of Wales, she shyly disclosed she was knicker-less again, adding: "Don't ask.
I feel like I'm doing a service to the community by continuing to teach,'' he said shyly.
She says, shyly, that the fashion show is for the coming Chinese New Year celebration, which St.
They smile shyly when you pass in the street; they open their homes and their hearts to you in celebration of their ancestors.
In villages across the river, reachable only by a rickety footbridge, the children stare shyly out from behind trees and walls, having rarely encountered Westerners.
Carol and Marianne shyly smiled with delight as they moved up closer to the monitor.
I think of miette as the essence or the inner goodness of the cake," she says a little shyly, as if a belief in the inner goodness of cake were something to be embarrassed about, like believing in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.
It wants what it wants, when it wants--and it won't settle for shyly awaiting sweets.
Taking evident physical and intellectual pleasure in discovering what can be gained or extracted through play, he turns his common materials into value-added items--containers that shyly but persuasively ask you to lend them your thoughts for a while.
They described these building blocks of behavioral style as inclinations for staying indoors; rubbing against a chair leg, human leg, or other target; investigating oddities such as a visitor standing around taking notes; and more generally acting boldly rather than shyly.