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We did not speak, but in that great half-hour we glanced shyly at each other, and shyly avoided or as shyly returned and met each other's glances more than several times.
On the step they both paused and turned towards us, and we shyly did the proper thing in the way of congratulations and good wishes.
A little later still, the old gentleman's sharp observation noted that his niece was unusually thoughtful, and that she looked at Arnold, from time to time, with an interest of a new kind--an interest which shyly hid itself from Arnold's view.
And he is a chilly Londoner who does not endow his stations with some personality, and extend to them, however shyly, the emotions of fear and love.
The strong lion, however, licked always the tears that fell on Zarathustra's hands, and roared and growled shyly.
Petrov got up, leaning on his stick, and looked shyly at the prince.
8Da followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Canvass 9 Appal 10 Plonk 11 Coppers 12 Rot 13 Senorita 16 Dog roses 17 Eat 19 Iceberg 21 On tap 22 Bombe 23 Tunisia DOWN: 1 Sceptre 2 One or two 3 Rank 4 Vampires 5 Epee 6 Plush 8 Second sight 13 Sorcerer 14 Treatise 15 Stopgap 18 Limbo 20 Emma 21 Owns QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 All together 8 Duo 9 Yes 11 Insipid 12 Tweet 13 Ate 14 Ski 15 Covered 17 Yet 19 Else 21 Afar 23 Zone 25 Sago 27 Gas 29 Reunite 31 Egg 34 Spy 36 Aroma 37 Renewal 38 Kin 39 Ivy 40 Text message DOWN: 1 Aunt 2 Lose 3 Tapioca 4 Gadget 5 Title 6 Eyes 7 Reek 8 Diary 10 Stile 16 Den 18 Tag 20 Leg 22 For 24 Outings 25 Steak 26 Untrue 28 Shyly 30 Exact 32 Grit 33 Gone 34 Swig 35 Pave
The mum-of-one was seen posing in a black swimsuit with a plummeting back, while she looked over her shoulder shyly in one of the snaps, and showed off her ample bosom in another.
Spring Thing A gentle stirring in flower beds As snowdrops shyly show their heads Flash of green as daffodils wake Hoping not to meet the dreaded snowflake The air seems warmer dare I say More sunlight and longer is the day Mornings are broken as blackbirds sing Touching wood could this be spring?
Cute as could be, they smiled shyly before Mia spoke up in a Midland accent, telling the millions of viewers worldwide: "We present these poppies from children to say thank you to all those who gave their lives so that we can live and be free.
May the tiny buds on hedgerows Burgeon one more time, And shyly as the violet grows, Reveal a world sublime.
Hiding shyly behind her guitar, she sang songs from her EPs, including the first song that launched her into the spotlight, The Apple Tree.