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She liked him very much; she thought his nature beautiful in its simplicity and purity; in spite of his shyness she felt more delightfully at home in his society than in that of any other person she had ever met.
"How much I love you, Alice," Jasper Dale was saying, unafraid, with no shyness in voice or manner.
He came close to her and drew her into his arms, tenderly and reverently, all his shyness and awkwardness swallowed up in the grace of his great happiness.
I can relate to your reader who's crippled with shyness at work.
The Welshman won acclaim for his documentary Stand Up To Shyness, which he said has inspired his return to performing.
Samina said that it was due to shyness and ignorance of the sufferers owing to which they come at third or fourth stage for treatment.
She floated the message for women to overcome shyness,ignore taboos and go for check- up to save precious life.
The above poll is based on the page A5 perspective article, 'Ten strategies to cope with your shyness', published in the The Views section of Gulf News on October 12.
I am not sure if the Asian youth today are as diffident as most of their forebears, but while shyness might work in Asia, it probably might not be as much of an asset elsewhere.
In 2007 Debbie was featured in Oprahs O Magazine and helped Beverly Donofrio, an O columnist, overcome shyness which stemmed from childhood.
Judi James, an author and researcher of physical communication, said the first lady's apparent shyness and humility had an uncanny resemblance to the way Princess Diana represented herself during public outings, royal speeches and national events.
"But I don't think shyness is a very attractive thing in a person who's over 60!" she added.