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Director Richard Hayhow said: "The Shysters have been doing groundbreaking work over the past few years, but this is almost like going from the margins to the mainstream.
Whatever it be the nature of the role would forever have lawyers walking with the millstone around their neck of being shysters. Strange though that despite this, most parents now have a cause for celebration when their progeny get admission to law school!
"I am the president of The Spent Shaft Archery Club," The Shyster responded.
He must prove himself by taking care of his nearly bankrupt mother -- which means turning shyster and demanding rent money from Ellis.
Over a two and a half year period the shyster milked his victim of around PS160,000.
A COUPLE of days ago, AW had a go at Nick Clegg for being a millionaire, conveniently omitting that multi-millionaire Labour shyster Tony Blair.
Schmuck or shyster? Well, the former is a Yiddish insult meaning foreskin, hence a useless jerk.
It's all too easy, it seems, for any shyster to pull the wool over the eyes of a body of selectors.
This is the morality of the shyster moneylender, the back street spiv and the loan shark, yet government consistently avoids taking action to bring the banks into line.
I know it is an essential aspect of the democratic process, but it always feels like some kind of medicine show where we're all being sold snake oil to cure all ills, with each shyster slagging off the other shysters.
The first tale harks back to 1786, where shyster Joseph Bloxham (Philip Jackson) has prosperedwhile leading others to ruination.
Already we know the courts are hopeless when it comes to providing protection for vulnerable witnesses and have done little to curb shyster lawyers who are happy to play fast and loose with the law on behalf of crooked - but rich - clients.