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Maybe, the corporate avatar of the lawyer is less a shyster, advising in relative anonymity, a company in its mergers and acquisitions.
I make a parliamentary motion we take a vote to impeach The Shyster as president and make Bear Breath president again.
This quirky, mystery play is latest production from award-winning theatre and film group the Shysters.
The real Harry, the shyster, wouldn't buy it for a minute.
Bates's retort was that, the way Chelsea were tapping up players, they would think "you are a bunch of shysters from Siberia".
Matthau won a best supporting actor Oscar for his role as the shyster lawyer who convinces his brother-in-law (Lemmon) to exaggerate his injuries after being hurt while working as a cameraman at a football game in order to get a big settlement.
The first tale harks back to 1786, where shyster Joseph Bloxham (Philip Jackson) has prosperedwhile leading others to ruination.
Her supporting cast - including Ann Magnuson, Phil Morris (who played ``Seinfeld's'' shyster attorney Jackie Chiles), Dale Godboldo and Tammy Lauren - just seems to go through the motions, as well.
The shyster lawyers, fresh from their feeding frenzy over the tobacco lawsuits, have now chosen gun manufacturers as their deep-pocketed victims.
I apologise for errors of judgment in personal behaviour," says this shyster.
But its sexiness is subversive, a brilliantly stylized come-on that lures us into a den of merry murderesses, shyster lawyers, natural-born suckers and sleaze-ball scribes, in which we glimpse our own bedazzled reflections.
Yet, ``Chicago'' promises more than a darkly insinuating fable about happy homicidal widows, shyster lawyers and sleaze-mongering scribes.