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I make a parliamentary motion we take a vote to impeach The Shyster as president and make Bear Breath president again.
This quirky, mystery play is latest production from award-winning theatre and film group the Shysters.
Bates's retort was that, the way Chelsea were tapping up players, they would think "you are a bunch of shysters from Siberia".
The shyster lawyers, fresh from their feeding frenzy over the tobacco lawsuits, have now chosen gun manufacturers as their deep-pocketed victims.
But its sexiness is subversive, a brilliantly stylized come-on that lures us into a den of merry murderesses, shyster lawyers, natural-born suckers and sleaze-ball scribes, in which we glimpse our own bedazzled reflections.
I apologise for errors of judgment in personal behaviour," says this shyster.
Yet, ``Chicago'' promises more than a darkly insinuating fable about happy homicidal widows, shyster lawyers and sleaze-mongering scribes.
The successful company, which takes in the Shyster Shadows - the training arm of the group - enjoys a mixture of stage and screen and was the winner of a Best Drama award in the worldwide Oska Bright awards in 2005.
The Peugeot conference centre at Ryton hosted the event and entertainment was provided by The Shyster Theatre Company, the Gemini Cheerleaders and Simunye music group.
A few years ago, businesses and the insurance companies that insured them for workers' compensation were threatening to leave California, due to skyrocketing cost caused by fraudulent claims, shyster lawyers and medical scams.
The latest shyster to be exposed for running this scam is Michael Tingey of North London-based Vehicle Web Ltd and Buyers Line Direct Ltd.
We had better decide if we want to support the law enforcement officers or the criminals, the ACLU and the shyster lawyers of the world.