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Presented in perspective from the stage, there are no signs of close miking and the associated sibilance.
Constructed similarly, it breaks from the dominant themes of the collection; its mixture of repetition and sibilance achieves a musical masterpiece:
IN AN extraordinarily varied career, he hypnotised Frankenstein's monster, appeared as Del Boy's and Rodney's long-lost dad and adopted the sibilance, sometimes sinister and sometimes obsequious, of Gollom seeking his ``precious'' in The Lord of the Rings.
The boys, exhausted from the long wagon ride and the excitement of Minsk, fell asleep in a huddle against the wall of the can They had tried so hard to stay awake and miss nothing, but they soon gave in, Gdalye breathing with a soft sibilance, his thumb half in his mouth.
Long before Jonathan Woss with his sharp suits and sibilance arrived on the scene,for generations Mr Norman was THE film critic -a star in his own right.
For example, "Beneath Your Skin," which appears in Spanish as "Bajo tu piel," maintains the same structure, but the alliterations that occur in the English version cause the reader to slow and pause, perhaps due to the sibilance of alliterations focused on the s sound.
The closure of the dialogue is based on poetic, nondiscursive, nonreferential qualities (the flow of sibilance and half rhymes and internal rhymes, the use of silence, the halting and merging of unfinished sentences), on the sensuous and suggestive qualities of the discourse (the mention of food and eating, intimations of hot and cold, references to the flow of water, juxtaposing of water and burning), and on the ritualistic, chantlike features of interspersed polyphonic voices.
Plug into Sibilance, a quarterly queer audio magazine.
The most famous two-word phrase in marketing sibilance history is "sex sells," and Kama Sutra Tea follows this marketing mantra for success.
Call it "systems Muzak," and imaginary collaboration between Steve Reich and Mantovani: a roundelay of fragrant Francophone sibilance braided out of the phrases "de la deliquescence" and "la cohesion sociale," the whole swatched in spangly, celestial sounds.