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"Well, I can't help going to see Sibyl play," he cried, "even if it is only for a single act.
You, who know all the secrets of life, tell me how to charm Sibyl Vane to love me!
His sudden mad love for Sibyl Vane was a psychological phenomenon of no small interest.
It was to tell him that he was engaged to be married to Sibyl Vane.
--?Que estuviste en la Opera mientras el cadaver de Sibyl Vane yacia en un cuartucho infecto?
Some specific chapter topics include the Aeneid and Greek epic, Dante's Vergil in limbo, the critical reception of the Aeneid, the innocence of Italy the Aeneid, and Vergil and the sibyl of Cumae.
"We're bridging the gap between awareness, excitement and action, driving activity that fans can share with friends," explains Yahoo vice president of entertainment Sibyl Goldman.
Adrian Johnson (Birmingham poet laureate 2009-10) Giovanni "Spoz" Esposito (Birmingham Poet Laureate 2006 - 07) Sibyl Ruth (Birmingham poet laureate 1998 -99) Charlie Jordan (Birmingham poet Laureate 2007- 08)
Sibyl Ruth, from Kings Heath, contacted my BBC WM show to argue that she would rather develop a relationship with her daughter based on trust - and that to snoop on the teenager denies her basic human right to privacy.
The Sibyl of Cumae, wooed by Apollo, was offered a year of life for every grain of sand she could gather in one hand.
Mwynheais ddarllen y gerdd a anfonwyd gan Sibyl Jones, Penrhyndeudraeth hefyd.
At the same time, in the first of her novels to appear after the deaths of her husband and Byron (in 1822 and 1824, respectively), Shelley surpasses her contemporaries by restoring the Sibyl, a prophetic female voice from Western antiquity, as a principal vatic authority.