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He would insist on calling me 'My Lord,' so I had to assure Sibyl that I was not anything of the kind.
Upon my word, Dorian, Miss Sibyl knows how to pay compliments.
Well, I can't help going to see Sibyl play," he cried, "even if it is only for a single act.
You, who know all the secrets of life, tell me how to charm Sibyl Vane to love me
His sudden mad love for Sibyl Vane was a psychological phenomenon of no small interest.
It was to tell him that he was engaged to be married to Sibyl Vane.
Further volumes will include the other sixty plays: thirty-one from the Old and twenty-one from the New Testament, four from Roman history, and four from La Legende chretienne (a miracle play, a saint's play, Octavian and the Sibyl, and a moralite of the Assumption).
They meet again on the French Riviera while on honeymoon with new spouses, fall hopelessly in love again and run off to Paris, much to the consternation of partners Sibyl Chase (Rosanna Lavelle) and Victor Prynne (Harry Burton).
Other parts are generated by the Sibyl system and give information about the didactical nature of the displayed content as well as educated hints about other relevant instructions (at the moment only the generated references to other instructions are shown).
The book chronicles the struggle of a direct-entry midwife, Sibyl Danforth, who is taken to trial for the death of a mother during a homebirth.
For many years she suffered neglect even from the African American community, which considered her a source of embarrassment, in part because of her "uncultured" lifestyle and in part because of the way her image had been manipulated by others to cast her as an "exotic" - the most persistent example of this tendency being Harriet Beecher Stowe's characterization of Truth as "the Libyan Sibyl.
Finally, a prophet called Hermione Mars, the great Sibyl, sings the new world of Mars into being.