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For those who aren't familiar with them, Sibylline books were a collection of oracular utterances, set out in Greek hexameters.
823), should also be at least nuanced, in light of Bardaisan, Clement, the Apocalypse of Peter's Rainer Fragment, parts of the Sibylline Oracles, and arguably of the NT, especially Paul's letters.
These chapters traverse issues like the cultural background of the poem, its relationship to the Sibylline oracles, the Apocalypse, and overt Christian themes in the text.
A ce sujet, l'heroine prononce une phrase assez sibylline pour evoquer la pluralite trompeuse des manifestations de sa presence: <<Il est possible que le nom se trouve en maints endroits, mais non pas le corps>>, (5) et a travers le dedoublement nominal du personnage, Euripide introduit une reflexion en quelque sorte <<metaphysique>> sur l'authenticite de l'existence humaine.
Arranging the Sibylline Leaves: James Elliot Cabot's Work as Emerson's Literary Executor.
This sibylline reply with the echo of the great Calderon de la Barca is also clearly beyond the comprehension of Othello, who, in a later scene, overcome by consternation, exclaims, "Ma qual e la verita?
During the performance, Coverdale admits that she made a prediction about the future of Blithedale, but "[t]he response, by-the-by, was of the true sibylline stamp, nonsensical in its first aspect, yet, on closer study, unfolding a variety of interpretations, one of which has certainly accorded with the event" (3:6).
Apocalypse figures in writing in Europe from the third through fifth centuries in the Sibylline Oracles.
32 another senatus consultum took place about the admission of a new volume into the Sibylline books (libri Sibyllini: Tac.
That is not to say that Masson's early works, such as Le Reve du prisonnier (The Dream of the reisoner), 1924, solely manifest the automatist methods of the day; quite to the contrary, the painting is sober, self-consciously hieratic, with a sibylline mixture of allegorical figure, disdain for color, and a studious synthetic cubism (a mode the Surrealists were at pains to overthrow for its by-then marked aestheticism and decorative complacency).
Her head was dressed with a sort of sibylline turban, and she supported it upon a most lovely hand and harm .
Written on the Leaves: Rabelais and the Sibylline Tradition.