sick individual

See: patient
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He is a sick individual who needs to be punished for the lives he has ruined.
Hand washing with soap is smart, Bradley says, since close contact with a sick individual is a risk factor for contracting an illness.
Typically, airborne transmission requires a four-hour exposure to the sick individual over a one-week period.
Show me someone who hates food and I'll show you a sick individual.
What kind of sick individual sends a cruel message to a 16-year-old who has just found her sister's body hanging in her bedroom?
Launder linens every day - towels and bedding are crawling with germs when they're used by a sick individual, so Janse suggests washing these items in the machine daily while they're ill using the hot water setting, especially pillowcases and face towels.
This is obviously the work of a very sick individual who does not fully understand the pain of a mother finding her own children murdered by their father.
It is a sick individual who committed this crime and it is he alone that any negativity should fall on.
One sick individual is all it takes to infect hundreds, even thousands.
But somewhere another sick individual is working on a virus that will combine all the "best" features of Chernobyl, Melissa, and Worm.
When viewed from this perspective, the sick individual is not only a patient with rights, but also a citizen with duties.