sick individual

See: patient
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What sort of deterrent is a suspended jail sentence for such a sick act by a sick individual? He should have been jailed, as should the kennel maid who was found guilty of cruelty.
8DA Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian followed TO THE lowlife who has been stealing flowers and other mementos from the graves at Kilbarchan Cemetery in Renfrewshire, you are one very sick individual.
"What kind of sick individual would target a child like that?
'It is requested that strict disciplinary action may please be taken against the sick individual and he be barred from such duties in future.
Or do they say, "I took the coward's way out, stayed silent, and marched in step behind a sick individual"?
"He is a sick individual who needs to be punished for the lives he has ruined.
PRESIDENT Donald Trump has called the gunman who killed 59 people in Las Vegas a "very, very sick individual" and suggested he was ready to discuss gun laws "as time goes by."
Hand washing with soap is smart, Bradley says, since close contact with a sick individual is a risk factor for contracting an illness.
Typically, airborne transmission requires a four-hour exposure to the sick individual over a one-week period.
Show me someone who hates food and I'll show you a sick individual. Life is long (hopefully) and there is plenty of time to eat all the things you want to eat.
What kind of sick individual sends a cruel message to a 16-year-old who has just found her sister's body hanging in her bedroom?"