sick person

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Give the sick person a roll of paper towels to use when washing hands in the bathroom, instead of using a communal towel.
I've had a couple of cats go missing - now I believe some sick person is out there targeting cats.
Was it merely a medical diagnosis, or did the sick person suffer from something akin to a religious or moral failing?
It is a particular burden on smaller businesses which would have to pay two people -- the sick person and their fill-in.
Ebola is transmitted by contact of sick person and the transmission is done by the body fluid.
Keep the sick person separated from others as much as possible
They were airlifted along with a sick person to San, it said.
What happens is this: A sick person sneezes or coughs, emitting tiny droplets of moisture that carry the virus.
I hope the officer recovers soon, and the people who know who did this grass this sick person up.
And Who is that sick person behind this stupid act ?
What any sick person needs, besides medical care, is love - the human and supernatural warmth provided by those close to him such as family, nurses and doctors.
Yes, it's arguably inappropriate and lazy to describe a sick person as brave, but crucially it's damaging to the person it's supposed to be praising.