sick person

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Then sick persons came and lay down, and beside them women laid their sick children (one a babe at the breast,) and the patriarch of the Dervishes walked upon their bodies.
I did not see it, but I believe it is well conducted; and I can the more easily credit it, from knowing how mindful they usually are, in America, of that beautiful passage in the Litany which remembers all sick persons and young children.
Don't think to plead illness as an excuse with me; or babies as an excuse with me; for all sick persons and young children (I hope you know the church-service, but I'm afraid not) I am determined to Put Down.
The treatment consists of taking uninfected killer T cells from the blood of healthy people who have been exposed to a particular virus and inserting those cells into a sick person infected with the same virus.
I thought he was quite a sick person because of the way he was talking about killing Becca.
In these cases, the sick person doesn't ask for healing.
She said: "Carers often tell me their GP nev-er asks how they are, but concentrates on the sick person leaving the carer feeling invisible.
Regional fire boss Aad Groos said: "We are very worried that there is a very sick person out there.
Without saying a word, I gently lay my hands on the head of the sick person as a sign of blessing him or her.
But no one who has helped a sick person travel to an assisted suicide clinic has been prosecuted here.