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Hundreds of people sickened in the outbreak have developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, or HUS, a life-threatening complication of E.
BEIJING: A court is hearing the country's first civil lawsuit by a man whose child was sickened in China's tainted milk scandal, state media reported Saturday.
The Mirfield Conservative said: "While I welcome a new service between West Yorkshire and London, I'm sickened there will be no stops in Kirklees.
However, families of 23,651 sickened children have yet to be reached mainly because of wrong or untrue registration of names, it added.
The initiative will target seven provinces, including Hebei, which was at the centre of the melamine-tainted milk scandal that has so far sickened 296,000 people.
1 : to make or become sick or ill <Many of the colonists sickened on the long voyage.
MORE than 10,000 children remain in hospital after being sickened in China's tainted milk scandal, officials said, as the government released its first rules on allowable levels of the chemical blamed for the ailments.
coli outbreak that sickened more than 80 people late last year at Taco John's restaurants in Minnesota and Iowa, health officials said last week.
The world's largest cruise ship was held in port for intensive cleaning after a second outbreak of gastrointestinal illness in two voyages sickened 106 people, reports AP (Dec.
6, 199 people in 26 states had been sickened, and three people had died, from eating fresh bagged spinach, according to the U.
mail killed five people on the East Coast, sickened 17 and frightened millions more around the country.
An explosion at a coal mine in northern China's Shanxi Province killed 23 miners and sickened 53 others, China's Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday.