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Moreover, at several points in the text, Jake describes Cohn's skin as "sallow" possibly alluding to a stereotypic yellowness or sickliness of the Jew's skin (see Gilman 194-209).
For Schlegel, the literary arabesque represents the highest form the Romantic novel can reach, rendering the "degenerate sickliness and prosaic nature of the times" into "an artistically ordered chaos of enticing symmetries and contradictions" (Jeness 63).
The powers of Hyde seemed to have grown with the sickliness of Jekyll" In other words, if you practice evil, you become evil.
A sliced loaf in waxed paper would disappear in the blink of an eye as from these meagre ingredients sandwiches were made -sugar pieces, they called them and when I was given one I was almost sick with the crunchy sickliness of it.
Drunk neat or with ice, it is a light and refreshing spirit which lacks the sickliness of other orange liqueurs.
A tendency toward sickliness and an insatiable interest in science fiction coalesce in this depiction of the feverish nightmares that come to the bedridden boy.