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All retiree workers with a sickliness draw to the left of point E stay regardless of their [beta]-draw; all workers with a sickliness draw to the right of point F retire regardless of their [beta]-draw; those with sickliness draws between points E and F make their retirement decision depending on both their S-draw and their [beta]-draw (as depicted).
National insecurity also prompted new scrutiny of other aspects of the social body, taken by many to be showing troubling signs of a racial degeneration that might explain the sickliness of British troops' bodies and performance.
The shadow of infidelity or defilement of one kind or another is allowed to pass over Meredith's Clara Middleton for much of the novel, in parallel with the sickliness always hovering over the somewhat joyless and lovelorn Laetitia--whom Willoughby the Reject must eventually take to wife, to prevent his having no marriage at all.
When the banshi calls the child grey, it is clear that sickliness is implied, but the mother defends this epithet deftly by appealing to the grass as a correlative that proves healthy despite the named color.
it is fiercely held in check by the exigencies of a powerful situation and the strength of a dramatic speaker; but it is generally in the foreground, flushing the whole poem with unhealthy rose-colour, stifling the senses with overpowering sickliness, as of too much civet" (p.
In posters, paintings and sculptures of variable quality and sickliness, mothers were portrayed as the pivot of an idealized National Socialist family.
Cinders herself, played by Vicky Longley, was sweet to the point of sickliness, and George Wood's Prince Charming was about as sexy as a wet dishcloth, but then that's what you expect from a kids' production.
It is reported that ailments such as general sickliness to tuberculosis, gout, or paralysis have been cured.
One possibility is this: if Donna Elvire, who is described as "krank," passed her sickness, or sickliness, on to her child, it might be true that Philipp (who certainly had a different mother and perhaps had a different father) is simply a more robust child.
Lowi and his contemporaries saw the widespread willingness of individual voters to split their tickets-to cast ballots for presidential and congressional candidates from different parties in the same election-as a major symptom of the sickliness of America's political system.
Securities and Exchange Commission, documents the financial sickliness of the company, which has been beset by litigation and regulatory actions following the alleged improper financial manipulations by former Chairman Black and other principals.