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"Never open the carcass of a dead animal or slaughter and eat sickly animals.
Congestion and heat exhaustion have been blamed for the deaths of sickly inmates.
Coming to Dubai inside the world's largest indoor theme park, the IMG Worlds of Adventure that opens on August 15, the welcome at this spooky hotel is by a sickly stench that fills the air and a haunting soundtrack of hair-raising screams.
Not necessarily just for girly girls, hot pinks and cooler tones are not as sickly and can be broken up with navy or grey.
From a warning by scientists that a popular household cleaning product is making kids ill, to word out of Ottawa that the government's books are looking a lot less sickly, the CBC's Jacqueline Hansen gets you caught up in our weekly video recap.
It's amazing that this sickly young composer could have poured so many notes into the final year of his life, and to expend so much wisdom too, and Paul Lewis, one of our most patrician of pianists, finds so many insights into these works.
While visiting Thar and other areas in my home province Sindh one can see sickly mothers mourning the death of their children.
Containing nothing we haven't seen in a gazillion nature specials, it's a sugar-coated portrait of the natural world that's both sickly in tooth and claw.
But the saturation coverage of Barack Obama's victory left me with no choice but to endure his rousing, sickly, sentimental speech at least three times.
Imagine my surprise then when the wrapping proudly noted that this celebration of all things sickly "comprises one of your five a day".