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Instead of leaving it at that with the consolation that they did their part, the directors of Side by Side found a place for the girl at a school in Windhoek that caters for children with special needs.
John and Sue said: "It is an absolute honour to be associated with Side by Side and its amazing team of inspirational cast and volunteers.
Lastly, the CPSC uses the case of the Yamaha Rhino--an early side by side model that underwent voluntary recall and repair beginning in 2009--as anecdotal evidence that similar repairs will reduce risk.
As sophisticated as some side by side ORVs can get with accessories such as lights and racks there is a need to protect this investment by insuring them with an ORV policy.
JOINING FORCES: Giants star and Side by Side Stuart Fielden (left) and Major Gavin Roberts meet up ambassador with Yummy ice cream's Louise Holmes and son Oliver to launch the link-up
Flow in behind of pair cylinders with side by side arrangement depend on T/d ratio and other parameters such as pressure gradient, initial conditions and Reynolds number [3].
Place three coins side by side so they are touching.
The problem is they're still working side by side, and eating side by side and sweating side by side, even after some of them have left office.
Clark a little off the mark by using other media in addition to photography to consider time and memory, placing "yesterday and today side by side.
Mishkin's study lays side by side the basic features of the Irish Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance, particularly with respect to issues of literary language and the use of "folk" culture.
Once an inland lake, the Baltic is the world's largest body of brackish water with a unique marine life, in which species normally associated with fresh or salt water live side by side, and are dependent on intermittent influxes of saline and oxygen rich water from the open seas into the sea's deeper waters.
PASSIONS are running high on and off the track at Mugello as arch rivals Max Biaggi and Valentino Rossi line up side by side on the front row of the grid for today's explosive Italian Grand Prix, writes JOHN BROWN.