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Some previous reports revealed that phase separation, such as side chain liquid crystal between backbone and side chain, can develop in polymers containing rigid rod-like backbones with flexible side chains (24), (25).
s new production line has now increased its speed from 18,000 to 24,000 jars per hour and has also witnessed a reduction of line stops, due to the side chain system and the gentle transition between the line and the machine conveyors.
Phthalate ester effects on rat Sertoli cell function in vitro: effects of phthalate side chain and age of animal.
Instead, the steric hindrance became more significant in the reaction when the length of side chain increased.
Also the product lacks a negatively charged glutamate side chain so the drug is not polyglutamylated and is not retained in the cell so recovery from toxicities is much more rapid.
For instance, the rosy, orangy smell of octanol contrasts sharply with the rancid, sweaty odor of octanoic acid, although the molecules differ only in a side chain of atoms.
The appearance of two separate glass transitions was probably associated with micro separated phase--a side chain PEO phase and a backbone NBR phase.
While it possesses a pair of rings, the side chain that dangles off of it does not lie in the same plane as the rings.
The t-butyl side chain monohydroxylated metabolite has been isolated from plasma.
3 water molecules per square nanometer, whereas valine's side chain lured fewer than one water molecule per square nanometer.
Tenders are invited for Stop Board Both Side Chain Fitted With Locking Arrangement Made By Mild Steel Sheet Of 18 Guage As Per Drawing Of Engineering Department And Installation Or Similar
m]; polymer side chains are oriented with the polymer main chains, and angle [gamma] between the transition dipole moment vector of an absorbing group in the side chain and the chain axis changes by the orientation of the main chain during the generation of orientational birefringence.