side issue

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Of course there is a difference between a hundred roubles and two hundred and fifty, but in this case the principle is the main point, and that a hundred and fifty roubles are missing is only a side issue.
It was as though the side issues had been shorn away, so that the main struggle was thenceforth on simpler lines.
But I had my own object in view, and I declined (as we lawyers say) to pursue the question into its side issues.
The corruption isn't just a side issue, it's at the heart of the whole enterprise.
As for Kinnear, getting players names wrong is a side issue.
A side issue of events in Turkey and Egypt has been the impact, if any, on the prospects of Islamic finance, given certain sensitivities.
RE: The deplorable situation at the Ricoh Arena I would like to raise a side issue, which is extremely important to some local people.
A side issue of the Civil War came to a head on this day in 1861 - resulting in the formation of the state of West Virginia.
In the eyes of anyone not connected to the club, the Black Cats are merely a side issue as the Old Trafford side try to retain their title from the grasp of their city rivals.
As a side issue, this raises yet another good reason why the area should have a unitary authority (Cleveland?
The proposed fuel swap last October was intended to get talks going on a small side issue where agreement was seen to be easier, in hopes that that would lay the groundwork for a return to discussion of the major issues.
Expressing concern over the increase in food prices including that of rice, wheat, pulses and vegetables which is sorely affecting the common man and his Budget, the Finance Minister said that the price rise in sugar could be attributed to demand side issue, but the price rise in rice, wheat, pulses, vegetables is primarily a supply side issue that need to be collectively addressed both in the short and the medium to long term.