side issue

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It was as though the side issues had been shorn away, so that the main struggle was thenceforth on simpler lines.
But I had my own object in view, and I declined (as we lawyers say) to pursue the question into its side issues.
Of course there is a difference between a hundred roubles and two hundred and fifty, but in this case the principle is the main point, and that a hundred and fifty roubles are missing is only a side issue.
Government policy translating to a pickup in investment and addressing supply side issues will bring confidence.
However, the story is obfuscated by all sorts of characters and side issues that can weary the reader.
I was not 100% fit at the start of the season and there were side issues which meant I was not right mentally either.
There are always side issues but I'm focused on the football.
Hitler should have been dealt with while Stanley Baldwin was Prime Minister, but the Depression and side issues like the King's abdication proved more of a distraction.
In particular, they should focus on Mephadrone and not concentrate on any side issues, such as the welfare of the dealer or whether if he or she has a drug dependency problem.
He asserted that people of Kuwait and the Gulf would never abandon Lebanon, and that side issues and minor affairs did not affect the strong relations between said countries.
And no ideological side issues that have nothing to do with this tax cut.