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Kirsty Taylor replied: "I can understand side roads not being gritted but I travelled south on A1 from west Denton and that road was not gritted
Z, caused the accident when he came from a side road and collided with the mother's car.
The second, often slowed to the pace of walking, is fraught with congestion on dirt side roads and interrupted by concrete blocks and innumerable checkpoints.
Snow began falling heavily Friday morning in the San Gabriel and Tehachapi mountains, closing Interstate 5 again at Gorman and side roads west of Mojave.
Side roads provide a glimpse of dirt roads, huts, and small animal pens--the world supplanted by the somewhat surreal development zones.
Americans have come to take for granted the Indian casinos that line the nation's highways and side roads.
We have not had pavements in side roads cleared or gritted by council staff during the 35 years we have lived here, so I'm puzzled by her assertion that this task is actually their remit.
20, The Bank said that the project aims to limit road accidents by 25% by two side roads with Iraq-s northern western and southern neighbors.
REFERRING to the headlines of school closures bringing Birmingham to its knees, a lot of parents couldn't get to schools as the majority of the side roads were full of ice and are dangerous.
Last weekend I was in Switzerland and on Friday we had nine inches of snow yet come Saturday morning all the main roads and side roads were clear, and I mean clear so everyone was free to get on with their business.
Most of the main roads are okay, it is the side roads that are in a state but as they are it keeps the speed freaks down to the speed limits.