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We have developed a ball that allows us to combine optimal short game spin and control with reduced side spin in the long irons, hybrids and woods.
Dan Falcucci, manager of the Callaway Performance Center, fitted me with Big Bertha irons with a draw bias to reduce my side spin and help prevent my slice and with a graphite shaft to increase club-head speed by 4-5 miles an hour, my ball speed by 10 miles an hour and my distance by 15-20 yards.
I've been doing that serve - a high toss with side spin - all through the tournament with no problems at all.
My teammates tell me I have a hard serve to pass because it has top spin, a side spin and a float on it.
Former World Cup winner Djorkaeff is the hub around which Sam Allardyce's side spin and his clever runs and slinky link-up play ensured the Reds back line suffered a torrid opening half-hour.