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More alluringly, he is 4-1 with Hills to be wearing his distinctive 'lucky' sideburns on the big night.
The former reliever, who is the spokesman for Just For Men(R) Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache, Beard & Sideburns, also will take part in the "Just For Men Face of the Year" championship at the Baseball Hall of Fame.
He went to the audition from an Edwardian play and had bushy sideburns.
He had short, straight hair with sideburns and was wearing a check shirt and dark trousers.
Not only have we had a huge response from readers of this column to our mutton appeal, but viewers of the Big Breakfast have also been sending in photos of superlative sideburns, ancient and modern, by the sackload.
Ibarely recognised him on the front page of yesterday's Daily Record and I think we should organise some Cut-Out-And-Keep pork chop sideburns so readers can stick them on to Alfie's photo and remember how helooked in his prime.
Don't have salesmen/dealers dress up in wigs and sideburns.
SUPERGRASS: Pumping On Your Stereo (Parlophone) - They've eased up on the sideburns, put even more grit in the guitar and gone all Mick Jagger.
Mr Allsop donned The King's trademark sequinned white suit and fake sideburns to belt out hits like Return to Sender and Hound Dog.
If he is going to lead the team, he'll have to grow some sideburns first," joked Wiggins (inset and now minus his famous sideburns).
Don't have salesmen/dealers dress up in a wig and sideburns.
Court martial president Wing Commander Gerard Bland refused to start a trial until senior aircraftman Stephen Green had a trim and shaved off his sideburns.