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Relation by blood or consanguinity; relatives by birth.

The term kin is ordinarily applied to relationships through ties of blood; however, it is sometimes used generally to include family relationships by affinity.

Kindred is a synonym for kin.


n. blood relative.


noun affiliation, blood relation, blood relative, distant relative, family, family ties, ilk, kindred, kinship, line, lineage, near relation, next of kin, relation, reeation through ties of blood, relationship through consannuinity, relative, sibling, stock
Associated concepts: next of kin
See also: descendant, descent, family, house, kindred, kinship, lineage, next of kin, relation, relative
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NASA and Microsoft engineers tested Project Sidekick and the Microsoft HoloLens aboard NASA's Weightless Wonder C9 jet to ensure they function as expected in free-fall in advance of their delivery to the microgravity environment of the space station.
The batteries for the SideKick are a replaceable, non-rechargeable lithium coin cell type in the transmitter and a Lithium 3 volt in the collar receiver.
The sideKick HD captures video directly from any HD/SDI or HDMI output at bit-rates of up to 220Mbps, with 4:2:2 sampling and 10-bit resolution in industry-standard codecs such as ProRes.
T-Mobile and Microsoft have not said how many customers have been affected but there are an estimated one million Sidekick users in the United States.
Sidekick units range in price from $75,000 to $200,000 and in size from about 400 square feet to 1,160 square feet.
DS Barbara Havers - played by Scots actress Sharon Small - is the working class sidekick to landed gentry Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker).
While a celebrity such as Paris Hilton might use a Sidekick II to, say, send a nasty e-mail to her former friend Nicole Richie, the device has a much more practical purpose for someone such as Vazquez-Hernandez.
From these results, Krakauer concludes in the March 3 Nature that the reproductive benefit for the sidekick greatly outweighs the cost.
The Sidekick II will sell for $299, plus $20 a month for unlimited data on top of any voice calling plan.
Richard Clark, marketing controller for the brand, said Halewood International, which purchased Sidekick from Bulmers in May 2003, was using insights from its other brands such as Red Square and Lambrini in order to gain a greater understanding of consumer motivations within the category.
It has been described as looking like a bar of soap, but the Sidekick from T-Mobile is actually a Web connection that delivers pages in color, and it's also a phone.
DRINKS firm Halewood International has increased its brand portfolio with the purchase of party tipple Sidekick.