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Understanding effect of sideslip angle on inlet performance can also be important for designing an engine inlet for the special air vehicle.
According to Tornros and Bolling [21], sideslips were bigger only during dialing.
Figures 10 and 11 show the yaw rate gain and sideslip angle gain of the linear vehicle mode, which respect to driver steer inputs as a function of vehicle forward speed and wheels steering scale factor (the proportional relationship between the steering angles of front and rear wheel, [gamma] = [[delta].sub.r]/[[delta].sub.f]).
On representative roads, electromagnetic active suspension reduced roll angle, sideslip angle, and yaw rate.
The true airspeed (TAS), the angle of attack ([alpha]), and the angle of sideslip ([beta]) are all estimated as functions of a combination of measurements from all other sensors (excluding, of course, TAS, [alpha], and [beta]).
There is some delay while Pete explains that he wants all to sideslip the descent while roped, but again Jo and Dave are uncertain precisely how this is done.
As the identification of the mass distribution is not the topic of this work, we assume the information is known, [beta] and [gamma] are the sideslip angel and yaw rate of the vehicle, respectively; [[alpha].sub.f] and [[alpha].sub.r] are the wheel sideslip angles of the front and rear axles, respectively; [] and [] are the cornering stiffness of the front and rear axles, respectively; u and v are the vehicle longitudinal and lateral velocities at the CG, respectively; [[delta].sub.f] is the steering angle of the front wheels; and [DELTA]M is the external yaw moment generated by the designed controller.
where Y(x) is lateral force, self-aligning torque or longitudinal force, x is sideslip angle or longitudinal slip rate of tire in different conditions, B, D and E are coefficients and determined by vertical load of wheels and camber angle, C is curve shape factor.
When sailing at the fixed-depth and fixed-direction mode, the angle of attack a and angle of sideslip [beta] can be regarded as small quantities.
[A.sub.[beta]] and [A.sub.[alpha]] are the coefficients vectors related to the angle of sideslip and the angle of attack, respectively.
Dihedral angle (or anhedral angle) has a strong influence on dihedral effect, the amount of roll moment produced per degree of sideslip, and is critical to an aircraft's stability in the roll (longitudinal) axis.
Fricke includes a discussion of tire mark striations in Volume 2 of the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Manual during an examination of the estimation of vehicle sideslip velocity [20].