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My elder son and I were sidestepping our way up the pavement on another hectic pre-Christmas shopping day in our local town last weekend when we were stopped by a young woman with a clipboard.
Sidestepping the spoken word label, Kayo even pens three sonnets, written in loose pentameter lines.
Yet instead of sidestepping conflict-onterest charges by paying for their own coffee and flowers, the short-sided, penny-pinching county judges jeopardized the public's confidence in the fairness of the local legal system.
In this retrospective, for example, one sees how in Italian art, the analytical dimension of painting was always accompanied by possibilities for "discarding," for sidestepping, or for moving obliquely like a knight in a game of chess.
It's the opposite of what now typically happens when large corporations make profits in a community but then use it to invest elsewhere, often sidestepping U.
Sidestepping the need for large amounts of RNA, amplification generates, from very small quantities, sufficient RNA for microarray hybridization.