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Sidewalk city will surely appeal to scholars who are interested in space, city-life, cartography, and informal economies.
This analysis underpins Kim's call, detailed in Chapter Four, for a more reflexive and socially engaged cartography of urban space, an agenda that she takes on to "re-map" sidewalk practices in the inner districts of HCMC.
personal injury, including death, proximately caused by the failure of such owner to maintain such sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
The old sidewalks in Cebu had an acceptable height.
Mariano explained that clearing sidewalks is the responsibility of tenants in duplexes at the listed addresses.
The IMPC does not define what constitutes a hazardous condition, but when it comes to a pedestrian sidewalk, it should be assumed it includes any impediments to accessibility for all pedestrians.
The councillors further recommended that the Strategic Executives of Urban Planning and Property Management as part of the building plan approval process, calculate the monthly sidewalk rent tariff applicable and indicate this amount on the building file.
This study was specifically designed to address the uncertainties described previously and to determine the role of trees/tree roots on sidewalk failures by quantifying the geospatial relationship between the location of known sidewalk cracks and trees/ tree roots.
If there is no bike lane, with the little one, I feel safer riding on the sidewalk," she said.
Reynolds said the next phase was expected to start after Labor Day and would target sidewalks on the east side of Paragould.
In 2006, GAM launched sidewalks renovation project to renew the pedestrians' sidewalks by removing unfitting trees and replanting them in sidewalks with width over 2m.
To take two examples: a striking logo imprinted in the sidewalk can make a powerful visual statement, and decorative (but tasteful) sidewalk colors can also highlight the elegance of a building.