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There have been local species of trees planted on the sideways of Hazara Motorway to encourage natural ecology," Malik Sagheer told the media team visiting the BTAP plantation sites in Hazara Forest region.
"Expect next week for the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) to trade sideways, but with an upward bias," Del Castillo said.
UAE traders were unwilling to place fresh positions, resulting in a sideways trend on the Dubai index.
It is expected that the market will continue to trade sideways until any further substantial developments in local politics.
'I think it will trade sideways,' Limlingan predicted.
A new elevator called MULTI can also travel sideways! It was recently built inside a 74-story tower in Germany.
The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is expected by analysts to move sideways after the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) left interest rates unchanged at the December meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC).
If you own or are buying a house, you may be able to stretch your living space upwards, sideways, backwards and downwards.
Three paperback books full of obscure facts from the ever popular TV series designed to 'blow your socks off', 'make your jaw drop', and 'knock you sideways'.
Two fossils at least 5 million years old from central Oregon show what the teeth looked like when still attached to the mouth bones--the teeth pointed out sideways.
Finally production remains also in the first half-year 2015 in its sideways range, which was built in 2011.