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Three days of labor with the spade and the sieve produced no results of the slightest importance.
And, so saying, she set the girl down to spin yarn, and she gave the boy a sieve in which to carry water from the well, and she herself went out into the wood.
McGREGOR came up with a sieve, which he intended to pop upon the top of Peter; but Peter wriggled out just in time, leaving his jacket behind him.
When I went to give it to her," replied Sancho, "she was hard at it swaying from side to side with a lot of wheat she had in the sieve, and she said to me, 'Lay the letter, friend, on the top of that sack, for I cannot read it until I have done sifting all this.
The proper season is when the weather is very dry; the special days are those when the moon is in the constellations of the Sieve, the Wall, the Wing or the Cross-bar; for these four are all days of rising wind.
True, there was a slight frost in the early morning, as though scattered through a sieve, but it was nothing, and the breeze soon freshened the air.
But there's folks 'ud hold a sieve under the pump and expect to carry away the water.
His mind could no more hold principles than a sieve can hold water.
There he doubled up in limp agony, for the Wheeling "stogie "joined with the surge and jar of the screw to sieve out his soul.
I have seen war, sire, I have seen peace; I have served Richelieu and Mazarin; I have been scorched with your father, at the fire of Rochelle; riddled with sword-thrusts like a sieve, having grown a new skin ten times, as serpents do.
It was a tight deck, yet it leaked smoke like a sieve.
how happy we are, We live in a sieve and a crockery jar