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The units also needed to be flexible when sieving different products on various mesh sizes, with minimal disruption to the production process.
Sieving closely researches such rarely discussed films as Ossie Davis's Gone are the Days (1963), Shirley Clarke's The Cool World (1964), the unproduced "The Confessions of Nat Turner," Jules Dassin's Uptight (1968), and the integrationist comedy, The Landlord (1970).
Drying the samples removes the diluting influence of moisture and facilitates the sample stages of grinding and sieving.
While many growers believe that birds themselves could be a source of major crop damage, that's not always the case, Sieving says.
Thus, the system is really a three-phase system: the molecular sieving phase, the polymer and a third phase comprising an interphase between these two main phases.
It accurately weighs and memorizes the net weight of the sieves and receiver before sieving.
To use the apparatus to factor a given number, an operator would cap certain studs on each ring, following a mathematical recipe that involves a form of trial division, or sieving.
Sieving, who specializes in representing auto dealers, said Nissan has made it a practice to withhold its approval on dealership sales if the buyers didn't agree to move the dealership to be near Honda and Toyota dealerships.
is: 2307-1977 (reaffirmed 1991) 1st revision with sieving reqt.
Well known for its iconic Alpine Air Jet Sieve for laboratory sieving and particle size measuring of fine powders, Hosokawa Micron has now introduced the Viblette[TM] VBL for fast, accurate wet sieving in the laboratory.
Retsch has launched software that is said to provide intuitive and easy-to-use support for routine sieving analyses.