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The company's sifters and tables have been sold to the market for more than 15 years.
Unlike most public art commissions, which often begin with an open call for artists and the promise of a juried competition, the story of Star Sifter was distinctive from the start.
Our small sifters were made to fit on a common rectangular 12" x 14" Rubbermaid tub.
A description of an implementation of the model, named SIFTER (Smart Information Filtering Technology for Electronic Resources), is provided in Section 3.
This is useful, for example, when a file of "kept" records created with the sifter is out of numerical order.
We concentrate on the behavior of the filter and sifter processes appearing in clause (1).
The set includes a sifter and bowl, beater, muffin tray, knife, spatula, and cookie tray Longer handles may be added to the muffin tray and cookie cutter by using plumbing insulation tubing from a hardware store and inserting a piece of dowel rod, cut to the same length, to add stiffness.
The Russell Compact Sieve[R]: This versatile vibro sifter is ideal for check-screening powders and slurries to remove oversize contamination and deliver high-quality products.
The Kason model XO-B CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal sifter can scalp more than 100 tons per hr of dry or moist powders or granular material, and de-lump materials that tend to ball or agglomerate.
Empire biscuits for the Betty Burns Sugar Sifter: 1 Elaine McGuffie; 2 Marie Derby; 3 Helen Jamieson.
To reduce the risk of such contamination Detectamet is now offering a new range of sifter cleaning balls that incorporates the company's detectable polymer.