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A further search method is that of "dry sifting," using a mesh screen to sift through dry soil.
When we began our work sifting debris at Fresh Kills, we were told by a New York City Police Department official to spread the material out as thinly as possible, sift it, and get rid of it.
It is ideal for sizing, sifting, scalping, classifying, breaking of agglomerates, and product conditioning applications.
Work included laying stone steps, building a retaining wall, and sifting dirt for artifacts--an activity that created considerable dust.
For my greenhouse soil sifting I use 1/4 inch hardware cloth for seed starting medium, and 1/2 inch hardware cloth for flats and pots for transplants.
Though sifting through over 700 applications may seem like very tedious work, the process was made somewhat easier by some countries holding their own competition beforehand.
27 in earnings, sifting through junk mail every day, which multiplied over a year means pounds 329 lost for each of the 9.
MERINGUE: Carob or cocoa powder for sifting, 6 egg whites, 412oz (125g) pack fructose sugar, 5oz (140g) ground hazelnuts.
Drew's sifting through his urban landscape in search of the scenario that defines him reminds one, too, of literature--of Peola in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, who does not speak until spoken to, intent on finding the junked lot of her world a "signifying" event.
The Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, has also published the criteria it will use when sifting any proposals for additional long term airport capacity.