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"Well, you see I'd have to go some time," sighed the Story Girl, "and the longer it was put off the harder it would be.
Felicity sighed, and tucked away her damp handkerchief.
But I hope poor Sara will get on all right," sighed Felicity.
D'Artagnan now no longer counted the sighs. They were innumerable.
`I never went to him,' the Mock Turtle said with a sigh: `he taught Laughing and Grief, they used to say.'
"That may well be," said the curate, and leaving them he returned to where Dorothea was, who, hearing the veiled lady sigh, moved by natural compassion drew near to her and said, "What are you suffering from, senora?
He added that when Luscinda found herself in his power she lost all consciousness, and after returning to herself did nothing but weep and sigh without speaking a word; and thus in silence and tears they reached that inn, which for him was reaching heaven where all the mischances of earth are over and at an end.
le Comte de la Fere?" said Louise, after breathing that sigh which had revealed so many griefs in its eloquent utterance.
Montalais -- Montalais!" she sighed, "it is very wicked to deceive me so."
Then came another of those melancholy little sighs, and this time the poor Gnat really seemed to have sighed itself away, for, when Alice looked up, there was nothing whatever to be seen on the twig, and, as she was getting quite chilly with sitting still so long, she got up and walked on.
"I've had such a beautiful time, so far," she sighed happily.
When Tar and Sighs were walking together to the Chapter House on Speech-Day a week later, Tar, who had a bitter tongue, remarked to his colleague: