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A few more footsteps to and fro; and here, at last,--with another pitiful sigh, like a gust of chill, damp wind out of a long-closed vault, the door of which has accidentally been set, ajar--here comes Miss Hepzibah Pyncheon
She would glide in among them, and look at them with an air of perplexed and sorrowful earnestness; and sometimes she would lift their chains with her slender hands, and then sigh wofully, as she glided away.
She sighed a sigh of ineffable satisfaction, as if her cup of happiness were now full.
Seest thou thy lover lowly laid, Hear'st thou the sighs that rend his breast?
Thrice he assayd, and thrice in spite of scorn, Tears such as Angels weep, burst forth: at last Words interwove with sighs found out their way.
Mid morning's sweetest breeze and softest dew, Is wing'd to heaven by good men's sighs and tears
What had this Erik to do with Christine's sighs and why was she pitying Erik when Raoul was so unhappy?
No, indeed," replied the servant; "they all preserve a marvellous silence on the road, for not a sound is to be heard among them except the poor lady's sighs and sobs, which make us pity her; and we feel sure that wherever it is she is going, it is against her will, and as far as one can judge from her dress she is a nun or, what is more likely, about to become one; and perhaps it is because taking the vows is not of her own free will, that she is so unhappy as she seems to be.
Porthos sighed for the fifth time -- D'Artagnan had counted his sighs.
The hearts of many throb at the very breathings of wealth through a flute, who would remain callous to the bitterest sighs of poverty.
And I said -- "She is warmer than Dian: She rolls through an ether of sighs -- She revels in a region of sighs.
The Bridge of Sighs, of course--and next the Church and the Great Square of St.