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With even just a fractional adjustment to the pace, power and position of his touch, the elevation may have been different and the shot may have hit the crossbar at a sightly different angle and deflected in rather than out.
San Pedro Boat Works imposed an obligation to "keep and maintain [the] premises in a safe, clean, wholesome, sanitary and sightly condition," (244) the Agreement in this case merely stated "the maintenance of all railroad facilities including track, roadbed, [and] railroad drainage .
But Bilic takes a sightly less pessimistic stance on the assumption that the Ibrox club would be willing to spend at least some of the cash raised on the striker's replacement.
He is clean shaven, was wearing glasses, a smart dark suit, and spoke with a sightly posh accent.
We do not get that sightly humiliated, slightly angry feeling that too often arises in encounters with the solipsistic opacity of so much contemporary art.
ANKARA, Apr 7, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Deputy Premier and State Minister for Economy Ali Babacan said Turkey's USD reserves was a little below the healthy level, noting that Central Bank (CB) was slowly purchasing USD to sightly increase its reserves.
Out of sorts before the break, Merthyr struggled to create anything of note although the visitors were only sightly better.
That's good news for advancing autism treatments, but sightly more discouraging for would-be patients who have to wait six months or more for an appointment.
Overall, we are pleased with a point, but sightly disappointed we did not see it through.
At back-row it's sightly more difficult to get in just because of the amount of quality that's out there.
Substitute Darren Bent showed he might be sightly better than Harry Redknapp's wife Sandra in front of goal by scoring twice in as many minutes to spark a second-half fightback.