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I think to do just a love story becomes sightly frivolous.
School board President Gary Saake said the deal would increase salaries an average of sightly more than 12 percent over four years.
Net interest income for the fourth quarter was USD3.6m, improved sightly up from the net interest income of USD3.3m in the same quarter of 2016.
"But that would be foolish not to sit down with Nick and look at a few targets and see what Tony thought was perhaps needed and what I think is perhaps needed - is that the same correlation or is it sightly different?" Will there be money to spend?
I am sure we will be doing a few sightly different things they haven't seen.
Broadband growth was sightly up (added 9,000 more RGUs), while telephony RGU growth slowed (added 22,000 fewer RGUs) as compared to the RGU additions in Q1 2016
Besides the Filipino story behind the production of the turboprop, the Q400 is a sightly and efficient commuter aircraft that PAL is proud to have.
It's also possible that the new trains will be sightly longer than existing vehicles, in which case the number of seats will not be cut.
For women, the estimated change is sightly positive (0.04 vs.
WELSHPOOL, Mon, Sept 19 Remarks: Sightly reduced entry of cull ewes but the average was up PS5 on the previous week.
Stedman, Cianfrance tells a very different kind of story--stately and nicely dressed, sightly removed in time, rooted in a quieter rapture.
While future events will be sightly more structured, the aim is to retain a friendly, informal approach.