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n. slang for a criminal defendant's previous record of criminal charges, convictions, or other judicial disposal of criminal cases (such as probation, dismissal or acquittal). Only previous felony convictions can be introduced into evidence. However, the record of "priors" can have an impact on sentencing, as with prior drunk driving convictions requiring mandatory jail sentences, and "three strikes, you're out," providing for extended sentences for the third felony conviction.

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SIGMA has been supporting Armenia on the development of its civil service system since 2009.
The first project to be carried out by Countryside Sigma will involve building 63 new homes in the Norris Green Village site near the Liverpool City Centre.
As of 2006, Motorola claimed more than $17 billion in documented savings as a result of six sigma initiatives.
Eric Singer, co-managing member of Potomac Capital Management III, L.L.C., said, "We are pleased to have worked constructively with management and the board of Sigma and are confident that the new directors will bring a fresh perspective and make substantial contributions to the board.
Talking about the event Vishwadeep Khatri, CEO, Benchmark Six Sigma said, "Benchmark networking event is the first of its kind in India and it goes beyond networking by providing a platform where knowledge gained after years of experience in Six Sigma could be shared with upcoming professionals and thus benefits innovation and process improvement." Adding on this he said we organize these events twice a year with the agenda to keep the upcoming professionals in Six Sigma updated with the new and innovative process.
Logical alignment and integration of statistical tools--this is the answer to the perception of academics that there's "nothing new" in Six Sigma; in other words, Six Sigma offers a good illustration that "the whole is larger than the sum of the parts";
2) To analyze the benefits achieved through deployment of Six Sigma.
The third level, 6-sigma as a metric, is the source of the name 6- sigma. 6-sigma refers to 3.4 defects per one million opportunities (DPMO).
To combat the defects referenced in the Six Sigma goal, companies have adopted methodologies to make a linear map of the process.
The driving force behind Sigma's impressive performance is an experienced, cohesive, and ambitious management team that brings in deep local and multinational industry experience.
In terms of what the camera can do, there's a lot Sigma managed to pack into this little thing.