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It had the chance to start a new sigmoid curve in 2008 through structural reforms to mold the economy into a better condition with a more advanced apparatus.
Post-traumatic degenerative changes can result from the involvement of the sigmoid notch in a distal radius fracture.
Laparoscopic findings showed tension-free vaginal tape mesh (arrow) attached to the abdominal wall and sigmoid colon.
Sigmoid transfer function, logosig was done as activation function and all the units connected to work done in different layers.
The architecture with the combination of the Sigmoid transfer function and the Delta rules of learning produced the RMS error lowest level of 6.
The main aim of this work is to investigate how the sigmoid function is related to analytic and univalent functions of Bazilevic type in terms of coefficient bounds.
Values for graphs were computed using models (2), (4), and (5) for the sigmoidal, monomolecular, and convex patterns, and models (8), (10), and (11) for the inverse sigmoid pattern.
After imaging studies and colonoscopy, the findings suggested IBD (Crohn's disease), but we could not reach to the whole parts of the colon and terminal ileum because of subtotal obstruction of the distal sigmoid colon.
Rokitansky syndrome: Clinical experience and results of sigmoid vaginoplasty in 23 young girls.
The activation function is chosen according to specific needs: the most popular function is sigmoid (logistic) function:
In August 2012 It was confirmed that I was suffering with cancer of the sigmoid colon.
However, there is still a need to investigate the expansion valve and the evaporator fan cycling sigmoid parameters individually.