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Especially, the detection of the contours of the sigmoid colon, colonic dilatation, and the length of the colon segment to be used for the repair are highly important.
An algorithm for the management of sigmoid colon volvulus and the safety of primary resection: experience with 827 cases.
When both of these sutures are insecure, the mesh would migrate into the peritoneal cavity and erode into the sigmoid colon.
In this case report, we present a patient with sigmoid diverticulitis mimicking acute appendicitis of the right descending and sigmoid colon that was detected by abdominal CT.
The lesion, which originated in the left ovary, showed significant mass effect on the urinary bladder, uterus, right ovary, sigmoid colon and intestinal loops, as well as strong compression syndrome on the common and external iliac veins.
SEP is rare, and commonly affects the caecum and sigmoid colon.
Injury to the sigmoid colon is a known complication of left oophorectomy.
Here we report an unusual case of a 44-year-old male with PEA of the sigmoid colon.
Diagnosis was made on plane X-ray showing grossly distended sigmoid colon with multiple air fluid level, and "coffee bean sign" was found in 42 (62%) patients.
However, no diverticula or diverticulitis was observed in the sigmoid colon.
On ultrasonography, a well-defined lobulated hyper-echoic lesion with strong posterior dirty shadowing was seen impacted at proximal sigmoid colon with significant dilatation of proximal large colon extending up to caecum (Figures 2A and B).
A colonoscopy was ultimately performed, and a large mass in the sigmoid colon was detected.