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The sigmoidal nonlinear regression model can be divided into three parts: low, medium, and high levels of modification (Torgovnikov and Vinden 2009).
A 5-2-1 neural network with sigmoidal middle layer transfer functions and linear transfer function in the output layer was trained for 3 500 epochs, and the figure presents the last 500 epochs.
As isotermas de dessorcao das sementes de pimenta Cabacinha apresentam formato sigmoidal, comum para a maioria dos produtos agricolas.
O acumulo de massa de materia fresca e seca dos frutos provenientes dos genotipos classificados como de ciclo medio teve comportamento sigmoidal duplo (Figuras 1A e 1C).
En los cultivos estudiados, la acumulacion de N en la biomasa total en el tiempo siguio una curva sigmoidal, en todos los casos, y las diferencias encontradas estan en relacion con la duracion del ciclo del cultivo y la cantidad de N acumulada.
O crescimento micelial do fungo, durante um periodo de tempo, pode ser traduzido por uma curva sigmoidal tipica, com varias fases com propriedades fisiologicas tipicas (MONTINI et al.
Bipolar sigmoidal activation functions, with initial slope coefficient equal two, were used in the hidden neurone layer, whereas linear functions were used in the output layer.
As an indirect measure for trigger amplification, the sigmoidal increase in fluorescence intensity reflects conversion of template into the partially double-stranded trigger-producing form, (see Fig.
infinity]] at about 70 y; but the vertical inflection point is at only 47 y, in contrast to the vertical inflection at 56 y that one would expect of a truly sigmoidal curve, for example, the cumulative Gaussian distribution (Rogers 1983).
The growth curves (fitted) of organisms have frequently been modeled by sigmoidal equations (Zullinger et al.