sign away

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It has to be established whether a basically unelected prime minister such as Brown has the legal authority to sign away the United Kingdom's sovereignty.
This is the worst case scenario for homeowners, especially if they sign away their rights to future litigation, because of improper protocols.
The ads the government is running say that no one can be forced to sign away wages and benefits--'That's the law' states the ads.
But to receive the compensation, the complainant had to sign away his right to inform other people of the offer.
Huddersfield carers are being urged to seek legal advice after being asked to sign away their rights to a benefit increase, it was claimed.
Please write to your MP bef ore they sign away our democratic rights.
Archdeacon Beardy acknowledged, in an interview, that some natives feel the release may abrogate their legal rights under various historic treaty agreements and some do not want to sign away the right to pursue loss of culture claims in the courts.
Other inmates were even persuaded by Archer to sign away their own right to privacy.
The fountain pen Edward VIII used to sign away his life as King is also going under the hammer.
In exchange, Quinn contended, Jahn agreed to sign away his other benefits.
It's down to pounds 1,000 at the Leeds & Holbeck - but you must sign away your windfall rights.
The deputies say RJB, already facing a strike threat from other unions over its pay proposals, has asked them to sign away their right to refuse to work more than the maximum laid down by the EU's Working Time Directive, which formed the basis of the regulations.