sign away

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But in order to receive the compensation, the complainant would have had to sign away his right to inform other people of the offer.
"Officer Montecino responded, 'Give me the sign,' and snatched the sign away from me while still encasing my arms," Frazier wrote.
The burden on survivors is immense, for, in the proposed process, they were asked to sign away their rights to counter-sue or continue litigation in reference to culture and language.
Who would belie ve that our own Prime Minister would sign away our freedom in a new European Constitution and foist his act of betrayal upon the British people?
Indeed, it is difficult to know what he would have made of seeing The Lord of the Rings on celluloid, although he did sign away the movie rights to the film in 1969 for pounds 10,000.
"They're saying either sign away your rights or you're getting kicked out.
"These regulations effectively require citizens to sign away their right to be free from otherwise unlawful police searches in exchange for the opportunity to buy beer in quantity, which is, remember .a perfectly, lawful activity," said Christine Link, executive director of the Ohio ACLU.
Now, if only the public would be as supportive of gay marriage and the rights it would bestow on gay parents, In order to protect their joint custody of daughter Bailey and son Beckett, Cypher and Etheridge had to get Crosby to sign away his paternal rights, Cypher to sign away half her maternal rights, and Etheridge to adopt each child.
But the US has again been accused of issuing veiled threats to them that investment could be affected if they agree to sign away the exemption.
Till then, she had resisted because of the Department's pressure on Aborigines to `become exempt from the Act' (in other words to sign away their Aboriginality and join European society).
Unsuspecting homeowners sometimes sign away their homes without knowing it.
So many workers are being forced to sign away their rightsmany without even knowing theyre doing sooften leaving them with little recourse if theyre cheated out of their pay or harassed in the workplace, said Senator Murray.