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That would mean that a 16-year-old could stand for council or Assembly elections, enter a pub, get tattoos, place a bet, sign legally binding contracts, marry without parental consent, and go on active service with the armed forces (although they can join at 16 with parental consent they cannot go on active service).
Also, the parties intend to sign legally binding documentation by 25 June 2017, which will include FTR committing the sum of CAD18,000,000 by 25 August 2017.
and subject to the approval by the deliberative bodies of italtel's principal funding institutions and business partners, with the goal to sign legally binding agreements among all parties involved by the end of June and to finalize the closing by the next 30lh September.
Because of touch screens on tablets, people are able to sign legally binding electronic documents, which will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the way people work: Imagine salespeople emailing a contract to a tablet-toting client who can immediately sign the electronic document and email it back.
Industry says the implementing regulation suggests that foreign regulators sign legally binding cooperation agreements with their EU counterparts to show that their hedge fund managers are subject to sufficiently stringent rules.
Clients, who can pay up to pounds 5,500 for assistance with their deaths, sign legally binding papers to stop relatives preventing it.
Oxford announced it was going to get students to sign legally binding contracts requiring them to attend lectures and tutorials.
The companies and their directors now have 14 days to sign legally binding documents in which they promise to change their sales and marketing practices.
But we were given 10 minutes to decide whether we were going to sign legally binding documents and decided we wanted to talk to our agent.
We have contacted a number of carpet and furniture retailers asking them to review their pricing practices and sign legally enforceable undertakings.
He said it was not necessary to back that up with legislation because newspapers could instead sign legally enforceable membership contracts.