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The search for extracapsular silicone is best done using STIR sequences with silicone enhancement and searching for focal areas of high signal intensity.
A cavernous malformations typically appears as a well-defined "popcornlike" lesion with a heterogenous signal intensity on both T1- and T2-weighted images due to blood products in various stages of evolution.
GCTs are low signal intensity on T1 and T2-weighted images, relating to the haemorrhagic and fibrotic components of the tumour (1).
The 99th percentile of signal intensity of the MMAB spots for the remaining 391 samples was 82.
2]-weighted images and cerebrospinal fluid signal intensity on subtraction images, separate from the circle of Willis vessels and perivascular spaces.
In addition to stability, an ideal performance qualification tool should mimic a microarray with similar spot sizes, resolution, concentrations, and background signal intensity.
Signal intensity data at fixed regions of interest (ROIs) for the gluteus maximus were identified with bony landmarks, and the mean of these ROI values for each muscle (right and left) was used for data analysis.
The maximum Cd signal intensity of many particles in the grain mount prepared from #17A that had been enriched to ~100mg Cd/kg was also ~0.
Intensity of illumination and signal intensity do not just follow a linear correlation.
The signal intensity of the quadriceps femoris muscle after eccentric exercising was compared with that of the same muscle before exercising.
11) Although not considered definitively diagnostic, features highly suggestive of retroperitoneal schwannoma on CT or MRI include the following: 1) a well-demarcated, round or oval mass with heterogeneous contrast enhancement due to the cystic and hemorrhagic changes; 2) calcification and cystic changes in a large tumor; and 3) iso- or slightly hyperintense signal intensity on T1-weighted images compared with muscle and high signal intensity on T2-weighted images.