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Most authors explain the signal void as a magnetic susceptibility behavior on T2-weighted imaging resulting from accumulation of iron and other magnetic atoms (9).
Some special imaging features, including linear enhancement of the dura adjacent to the mass on contrast-enhanced T1WI and signal voids within dura on T2WI, were reported.[sup][1],[5] In our case, the spinal dura showed nodular enhanced with the administration of gadolinium.
Oblique lineal signal void (white arrows) can be seen in the bone marrow edema; these are fracture lines.
A 1.3 mm standard DBS lead contact including perhaps a 0.5 mm encapsulation layer is visualized with the least artifactual signal void of 2.1 mm when 3D FSE T2 MR sequence is used.
MRI of the cervical spine demonstrated a large signal void in keeping with an extradural spinal AVF.
(9) On MRI, pancreatic AVM is seen as a heterogeneous area of signal void structures.

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