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The good news for the carriers and providers on the Quest for Quality lists this year: The weighted average score in just about every category ticked up a couple of points, signally that LM readers have seen service levels improve despite the hurdles those winners have had to clear.
He added: "We can build on the Thatcher era reforms and the economic success they so signally brought only by escaping the suffocating toils of the Europeancountry global, rather than little European, future, respecting democracy.
Newcastle City Council should use their legal powers under Section 51 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 and purchase the existing site for a nominal fee in order to protect what heritage assets remain, as clearly the present owners Cameron Hall have signally failed to do so.
And an even harsher punishment has been meted out to Dunmurry Young Men, signally the end of their title challenge, with their 15-point deduction for a similar error regarding the registration of Chris Sweeney precipitating a drop from second in the league to ninth.
It's signally lacking the steroidal wheel arches and monster spoilers that we all expected.
The MILF failed signally to locate the presence of Marwan in neighboring territory, and to stop its men from using unreasonable force against the troopers.
Signally a possible rate hike down the road shows that the prospect of inflation is no longer a threat.
Apple has been signally that the watch will need recharging every night and there are some hints that really heavy users could find they run out of juice midway through the day.
He warns that the British state is signally failing to influence Muslim communities and cannot hope to curb extremism by shutting down social media jihadist accounts, since no sooner has one been eliminated than another takes its place.
It is a signally changed piece of writing that has introduced a new mind-set and has been extended with new examples.
Since occupying the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza in 1967, "Israeli authorities have signally failed to carry out independent investigations that meet international standards into alleged crimes," Amnesty said.
This is something that, in the opinion of most, he signally failed to do.