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See Robinson, supra note 45, at 327 (encouraging signatories to support economically depressed countries and each other more often); Budget , supra note 44 (prompting signatories contribute to Convention's budget); Anti-Bribery Convention, supra note 3, at 10-11 (stating Article 9 Mutual Legal Assistance and Article 12 Monitoring and Follow-up requirements).
The signatories did not name those they accused of interference.
Among the signatories of the letter are the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Human Rights Watch and other rights groups from member states of the Arab League.
He added that 11 deputies had then cancelled their signatories, while two others suspended their approval.
The signatories now promise to step up against such activities penetrating the gas and electricity markets by cooperating with national tax authorities, helping to detect suspicious behaviour and making full use of the registration scheme in the Regulation on energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT), awaiting publication in the Official Journal.
Canadian signatories include Grain Growers of Canada, Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and Alberta Winter Wheat Producers Commission.
PNN via Amnesty International - Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mary Robinson and Justice Richard Goldstone are among signatories of a new open letter "shocked to core" by recent events.
THERE are now so many signatories on the Downing Street petition urging the BBC to rethink its proposal to slash its racing coverage, that only the most recent 500 can be displayed on the relevant website page.
China, the US and North Korea were signatories to the ceasefire on the Korean peninsula in 1953.
A similar plea to make Motorhead frontman Lemmy, who grew up on Anglesey, a Sir has attracted 152 signatories.
6 million signatories was closing today, with as much controversy surrounding the petition as its subject matter.