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94) A functional equivalency approach should only be relied on for determining how domestic laws work and whether a signatory was Convention-compliant.
We are pleased to welcome the Arts Council as our 250th charter signatory.
The agreement also stressed that the signatory countries are to cooperate in information expertise and research exchange, as well as providing one another with legal and technical aid and conducting joint training programs.
Indonesia is the third jurisdiction to sign the MMoU in just over a month: The Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission became a signatory on 22 December, and the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar signed on 20 December.
Both the resource persons of said training have also been nominated as mentors to evaluate Pakistan's progress on roadmap towards full signatory status of Washington Accord.
Estes said O'Dell did have signatory authority on the accounts, which he said were "far from dormant.
The meeting, held on the sidelines of preparatory meetings to the second Arab economic and social summit was an opportunity to examine ways and means of reinforcing cooperation and achieving economic complementarity between the signatory countries.
The draft is notable in that it would establish the right of companies to sue counterfeiters in the jurisdictions of countries supporting ACTA and receive significant damages; it would also allow them to demand the seizure and destruction of counterfeit products in any signatory country.
Schabas, former member of the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission and a signatory to the letter, said: "The international community must apply the same standard to Gaza as it does to other conflicts and investigate all abuses of the laws of war and human rights.
The secretariat of the biodiversity treaty is now telling signatory nations that a new plan of action, including setting numerical targets, will be needed in order to prevent further environmental degradation, a key cause of extinction of various life forms, informed sources said Sunday.
The entry is followed by first signatory Tom Nelson, who said: "I agree, and I support the Knight Timmy Mallett e-petition as well.