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'But then, it a statement of fact that I remain the branch chairman of ASUU of LASU and therefore not out of place that I am retained as the signatory to the union account,' he said.
Upon review, the justices found that compelled arbitration between the agency and Jody James was wrong because the Altman Group was not signatory to the contract requiring mediation/arbitration in disputes between Rain & Hail and Jody James.
Jasper Capital International (''Jasper'') has become the second China-based signatory to the Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB), an organization that brings hedge fund managers and investors together to set standards for the hedge fund industry, the company said.
Graduates of accredited programs in signatory countries are recognized by other signatory countries as having academic qualifications for entering engineering work.
'We are proud to become a PRI signatory. In doing so, we are demonstrating our commitment to responsible investment by formalising our approach to integrating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into our investment analysis,' said Warren Thomson, senior executive vice president and chief investment officer.
(34) Phase 1 assessed the extent of conformity of a signatory's anti-bribery laws with the Anti-Bribery Convention.
Commissioner for Sustainable Futures Peter Davies added: "The Arts Council of Wales is one of several organisations leading the way by becoming a SD Charter signatory ahead of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill.
The Integrity Pledge, an advocacy among the private sector to fight corruption, is asking MalacaAaAaAeA~ang to issue an executive order that wou require companies doing business with government to be a signatory of this anti-corruption initiative.
The agreement stated that each signatory is to apply its own local judicial system without interference of the other countries another, while recognising each's penal sentences.
The Indonesian Financial Services Authority this week became the 100th signatory to the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation and exchange of information.
The plaintiff owned 49% capital of the company and as per the contract he was to be appointed as the company's general manager and the authorised signatory for 10 years.
PEC has been continuously arranging accreditation training programs for the evaluators and experts since the attainment of provisional signatory status of Washington Accord of International Engineering Alliance (IEA), a consortium of engineering bodies from developed countries that recognizes the substantial equivalency of engineering educational programs accredited by those bodies and recommends that graduates of programs accredited by any of the signatory bodies be recognized by the other bodies as having met the academic requirements for entry to the practice of engineering.