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A crane was set up to remove of the signboard in fourth floor of a private course, located in Kavukcu Street on Yavruturna Neighborhood in the middle province of Ecorum.
Police said that the driver of the light vehicle accidentally stepped on the accelerator and crashed into a signboard, toppling another signboard that fell on the Asian man who was walking on the road.
Two new signboards have been set up in Iran Mall, which is the biggest IT mall in Tehran.
Surprisingly, it was an active CR with signboard, employees and electricity, and still I get such a violation on it.
At least four signboards for one colony have been planned, and for that we have decided to use footpath and lamp posts," the official added.
Besides, inappropriate signboard dimensions neither establish visual communication nor convey effective messages.
Lawn or women, Secondly the most important thing is that, these signboard are becoming major factor of road accidents now a days, because the people in our society are so curios, desperate and anxious to see beautiful ladies that they don't concentrate left, right, front or back while driving or riding that factor cause severe or major accident most of the time and sometime it may cost somebody life too.
Most signboard makers charge approximately RO3 per square foot for flex face signs, according to Rajan Matthew, from Golden Dots International in Hamriya.
North Korea on Saturday stepped up preparations to celebrate the upcoming 65th anniversary of its founding, with colorful signboards and other decorations adding to the festive mood in the capital Pyongyang.
The direction signboard includes an arrow pointing to the suggested direction, while the start-end signboard provides a map of the route at its starting and ending points.
They also tore down the company's signboard and set it on fire.
HUNDREDS of relatives of passengers drowned on a Red Sea ferry attacked the offices of the owners today, throwing its furniture into the street and burning the company's signboard.