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CDA yet to respond to signboard installed on plot adjacent to mosque
Somehow, the cat managed to get onto the window edge and fell out of the window and landed on the building's signboard on the first floor.
The Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) confirmed Tuesday an old photo from the late 19th century proved the original signboard has a black background and gold letters.
The OAS official said that value of the real estate increased after the signboard was installed in Amerat last year.
They said the three belonged to Pakpattan and used to eke out a living through installing signboards in Lahore.
The Industry, Commerce and Tourism Ministry said the entity's owner applied through the website to remove an address violation that required the person to submit photos of the signboard as part of the verification.
After the anti-Hindi Twitter campaign, #NammaMetroHindiBeda ('Our Metro, We don't want Hindi'), Hindi words on the signboards of two Metro stations - Chickpete and Majestic - were covered with paper and taped on July 3.
PESHAWAR -- Office bearers and members of different private advertising agencies and associations on Monday held a protest demonstration against the Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf (PTI) led coalition government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for cutting the size of displayed signboards and billboards in several parts of the provincial capital.
Located a few meters from the provincial capitol, the signboard features enlarged photographs and names of nine detained suspects.
crashed the signboard as its dumper was opened suddenly, while en route to ystanbul.
Besides, inappropriate signboard dimensions neither establish visual communication nor convey effective messages.
BE IT the posh colonies in South Delhi or the busy roads, putting up illegal signboards is not that difficult.