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Morrel went also to the notary, who confirmed the news that the contract was to be signed that evening.
Having made all these arrangements, the four partners, on the first of July, signed a formal manifesto, stating the alarming state of their affairs, from the non-arrival of the annual ship, and the absence and apprehended loss of the Beaver, their want of goods, their despair of receiving any further supply, their ignorance of the coast, and their disappointment as to the interior trade, which they pronounced unequal to the expenses incurred, and incompetent to stand against the powerful opposition of the Northwest Company.
The manifesto was signed with great reluctance by Messrs.
The order is signed to release Marchiali," replied Baisemeaux, mechanically, endeavoring to regain his courage.
On the 12th of January, 1893, I was seventeen, and the 20th of January I signed before the shipping commissioner the articles of the Sophie Sutherland, a three topmast sealing schooner bound on a voyage to the coast of Japan.
The second question, concerning the nature of the legal contract by which the money was to be obtained, and the degree of personal responsibility to which Laura might subject herself if she signed it in the dark, involved considerations which lay far beyond any knowledge and experience that either of us possessed.
BOSTON (7) _ Re-signed Koji Uehara, rhp, to an $18 million, two-year contract; signed Pablo Sandoval, 3b, San Francisco, to a $95 million, five-year contract; signed Hanley Ramirez, lf, Los Angeles Dodgers, to an $88 million, four-year contract; signed Justin Masterson, rhp, St.
The Little Gym signed a 4,300 s/f lease at 5 Route 17 in Hasbrouck Heights.
Lighting signs Lecavalier: The Tampa Bay Lightning signed center Vincent Lecavalier to a four-year deal, securing one of their two front-line stars and keeping a key piece of their Stanley Cup championship team.
6062-1, returns required to be made by corporations under the provisions of Subtitle A (Income Tax) or F (Procedure and Administration) of the Code or regulations, with respect to any tax imposed under Subtitle A of the Code, must be signed for the corporation by the president, vice-president, treasurer, assistant treasurer, chief accounting officer, or any other officer duly authorized to sign such returns.
At the IRS's suggestion, she signed and filed a separate 1995 return in 1998.
They modify a signed message in a manner analogous to the way adjectives and adverbs modify spoken English.