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The great events of his life are of public as well as private significance, appropriately, therefore, invested with public ceremonial.
The significance of Critical-Utopian Socialism and Communism bears an inverse relation to historical development.
If the Count of Monte Cristo had been for a long time familiar with the ways of Parisian society, he would have appreciated better the significance of the step which M.
88} This visit is wholly without topographical significance.
The significance of the sarcastic man's words took from him all loud moods that would make him appear prominent.
The significance of all these is explained by a reference to something else and in no other way.
Placed by popular confidence at the head of that movement, I can appreciate better than any other its significance and its probable results.
It was said in a tone full of significance, but not exactly offensive, and it was, I suppose, my innate tact that prevented my asking, "What on earth do you mean by that?
Of their tremendous significance be sure that the modest house at Meudon knew as little as that the Records would one day be the planet's standard in all official meteorology.
Although no soldier, he had frequented camps enough to know the dread significance of that deliberate, drawling, aspirated chant; the lieutenant on shore was taking a part in the morning's work.
I pictured their lives, troubled by no untoward adventure, honest, decent, and, by reason of those two upstanding, pleasant children, so obviously destined to carry on the normal traditions of their race and station, not without significance.
She saw her husband, but did not realize the significance of his appearance before her now.