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Those who lead a life of significance know and understand that every day is their time to make a difference.
The Note also contributes a comprehensive analysis of practical significance, providing recommendations for the use of statistics at all three stages of disparate impact litigation.
01 for a significance level are based on convention and are arbitrary.
Statistical significance may be considered borderline by some when p=0.
However, not all believe 11:11 to hold special significance.
If you are still perplexed by the difference between success (society's definition) and significance, think of significance as being those things said about, you in your eulogy.
The idea is to identify buildings and locations which have significance, from an age, architectural and aesthetic significance point of view.
If a proposal would cause substantial harm or total loss of significance of a designated asset, then a number of rules must be met.
Ziliak's resume includes a stint working as a state labor market analyst, in which he was not able to provide black teenage unemployment rates because they did not meet an "arbitrary level of statistical significance.
In developing their history of how tests of significance developed into a cult, they pit as their main characters an arrogant, domineering, and ruthless professor (Ronald A.
Activists from the Save the Dinedor Serpent campaign used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain an email to senior council officers, dated May 11, from the project's construction manager Mairead Lane discussing advice she had been given by an archaeologist on the Ribbon's potential significance.