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While the study data were evaluated for the statistical significancy, a One Way Anova test and post hoc TUKEY test were used.
074 TABLE 5 SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Socio-demographic variables Wald Significancy (reference category in parentheses, N = 4.
Indicators/ External Internal t amount Variable control M,SD control M,SD Pain intensity NRS 3/94(2/67) 3/53(2/64) -0/76 Pain intensity VAS 3/98(2/69) 2/75(2/38) -2/16 * Disaster-making 4/5(5/76) 4/4(6/35) -0/09 Attention-diverting 8(8/82) 6/53(9/01) -0/81 Pain-ignoring 12/14(9/81) 14/66(11/76) 1/21 Hope 16/18(8/69) 15/50(10/58) 0/37 Pain reinterpretation 7/21(8/30) 8/60(9/61) 0/79 Self-talking 16/28(11/38) 15/5(13/38) -0/33 Indicators/ Significancy Variable Pain intensity NRS 0.
We can observe the trends and events directly from the charts, however, to have more precise markers of the significancy of the changes, we have created a summary plot of relative changes (Fig.
This is an experience of immense significancy, and if the child is properly prepared beforehand, he/she is bound not to face any problem in his/her adjustment.